Key Products

TribeOne aims to enhance the adoption of the DeFi ecosystem with its easy-to-use interface. It comprehensive functionality offers an efficient utilization of digital assets to outplay the prevailing dynamics in the permissionless space. The TribeOne ecosystem can push for mass adoption of DeFi by diminishing entry barriers, revising accessibility, and ensuring maximum usage for all market participants on a large scale.

TribeOne Lending Protocol

TribeOne will be launched using peer-to-peer (P2P) lending using peer-to-peer (P2P) lending initially and based on our user base growth traction, we will move onto pool contracts to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

Benefits of P2P Lending for Investors and Lenders

No middleman = more money. Unlike banks, we won’t make the decision of how much you want to earn and who you want to lend your money to for you. The interest rates and amount are agreed upon directly between borrowers and investors.
A steady source of passive income. A passive income means you do not have to put consistent effort into generating it. This income is generated on a regular basis and you either re-invest it, save it, or use it. When you begin to receive the payments of your loans, you will have created a passive income source depending on the interest rates you settled on with your borrower.

Benefits of P2P Lending for Investors and Lenders

No middleman = more flexibility and low costs - You will directly negotiate and agree with your future investor about the terms of the loan. Instead of being forced to accept certain conditions, you get to choose who you want to transact with and on what terms.
Fixed Rates - Once you settle on an interest rate with your lender, this rate won’t randomly change, making it impossible for you to keep up with payments which could even lead to defaulting on payments and subsequent interest rate hikes. Instead, you can now better plan your cash flow with certain loan terms.
No pre-payment fees - If you choose to pay your loan off early, there won’t be a penalty.

How is TribeOne different?

TribeOne App

Ecosystem Overview

The below diagram illustrates how the different product pillars of TribeOne come together to support the entire ecosystem: