Customer Acquisition

The new paradigm of global inter connectivity requires new marketing strategies, which means interacting with potential prospects and retaining loyal customers from around the world. Nurturing a strong community and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships are two of the core objectives that will empower TribeOne’s growth and success.
In order to expand and nurture the TribeOne community, we will execute multiple Airdrop campaigns. The participants in the TribeOne Airdrop campaigns will be able to receive free $HAKA tokens that will allow them to benefit from lower interest rates and/or higher limits on their instant crypto loans.
To participate in TribeOne Airdrop campaigns, people will be required to fulfill predefined conditions that will be described and distributed via multiple communication channels. Upon successful campaign completion and meeting the predefined requirements, the participants will receive their free $HAKA tokens in TribeOne, which they can use immediately towards their instant crypto loans – thus already being exposed to TribeOne’s products at a minimal user acquisition cost.

Referrals & Affiliate Programs

TribeOne’s clients and supporters can participate in a special referral programs that reward their efforts to attract new clients and expand the TribeOne community. The program ensures that supporters who refer new clients to TribeOne will receive preferential interest rates on their instant crypto loans.

Strategic Partnerships

Operating in the constantly evolving blockchain ecosystem requires a constant out-of-the-box mindset that supports the overall development of the community and TribeOne’s business model. Our experienced management observed a gap within the existing DeFi lending space which can be filled by strategic alliances with retails as well as micro financiers. We completely understand that dynamics of both relationships differ from each other and we have products which will satisfy both parties’ needs.
Our RAROC is designed to increase the likelihood of successful collaboration exponentially and our architecture completely understands the importance of building trust within the alliance partners by having a shared alliance purpose. TribeOne aims to further evolve by creating a gateway to other partner money lenders to open access of funds for all and not restricting the micro financiers, only to one source when the whole world should be open to them based on their profile. This gateway will be monitored and updated by TribeOne to ensure that the borrowers’ credit rating is available to our strategic lending partners.

Risk Mitigation

In order to minimize any risks, the TribeOne blockchain platform tracks the changes of the crypto assets’ value placed in the TribeOne account in real time. To avoid any price discrepancies, the TribeOne blockchain platform will draw real-time data from several different sources.
The crypto assets within the client’s TribeOne account should have enough value to cover the outstanding loan at all times. If the price of the crypto assets placed in the account increases, the TribeOne Oracle partner will immediately increase the amount of cash available to the client.
Should the value of the crypto assets decrease below a liquidation ratio (dependent on the assets within the account), the TribeOne blockchain platform acts accordingly and mitigates the risk of reaching the minimum loan requirements by a smooth repayment of the loan. There are various scenarios, which could occur throughout the loan usage using the TribeOne platform.
Once the client has set up their TribeOne account , they agree to the terms and conditions and will transfer crypto assets to TribeOne. The TribeOne blockchain platform automatically updates the funds, which are instantly available to the client.
Hypothetically, a few days later, the TribeOne blockchain platform detects that the value of the crypto assets, placed in the TribeOne Account by the client, have decreased below the minimum required limits, which leads to an immediate recalculation of the available loan limit The TribeOne blockchain. The platform the issues an instant notification to the client through multiple channels, including the client’s TribeOne Account, via SMS, and by e-mail.