• Loan against crypto assets Loans accessible to all
  • Transparency All transactions are visible on the blockchain, thus ensuring complete transparency to all users.
  • Low cost transactions
  • Zero Collateralized Loans Users can get access to zero collateralized loans based on their repayment history
  • Insurance Coverage Optional to all loans

Poloka Loans

Users can pledge their crypto assets to avail loans on flexible terms and with additional security provided. The crypto world is still extremely volatile, and price drops can hit hard and unexpectedly: In March 2020, when the price of BTC dropped sharply, it liquidated thousands of users loans due to the liquidation having kicked in at 90% of the borrowed amount.
With our extra protection to provide users insurance to protect their assets up to 125% through our exclusive Gap Cover product which is being designed by with the collaboration of DeFi Insurance provider, we allow for users to have ample time to rebalance their crypto assets within safe limits to avoid having their loans called. This service is not available from TribeOne’s competitors.
Features of Poloka Loans are as follows:
  • Flexible duration
  • 90% LTV
  • Coverage of up to 125% of the collateral value to avoid liquidation provided through Defi insurance provider.

Mana Loans

This will be the key product for TribeOne. The DEFI space is currently missing access to funds with minimum/zero collateral ,which makes up for the significant requirements for borrowers in the traditional world of financing.
Uncollateralized loans attract a wider borrower audience, where the traditional credit checks are being replicated by the user history being created in the network.
Uncollateralized lending needs to be adopted to actually provide financing to the unbanked population.
Features of Mana Loans are as follows:
  • Shorter tenure and low loan amounts
  • Users with a of clean repayment history will be eligible to apply for loans with zero to low collateral
  • Exclusive Credit Shield designed by our DeFi Insurance partner to insure up to 80% of the loan borrowed in the event of default

Laiti Loans

This product will serve as a flagship product which is not available in the DeFi ecosystem and will help us in serving the unbanked.
Features of Laiti Loans are as follows:
  • Loans specificalling designed for micro financiers
  • These will be zero collateralized loan to support small business in growing
  • TribeOne’s financial actuary (RAROC) will prescreen all users prior to them being approved for loans

TribeOne Loan Performance

DeFi Process Flow

The below diagram outlines the value flow between the various TribeOne product pillars and how lenders and borrowers interact with the platform: