TribeOne - Value Proposition

TribeOne is working towards solving inefficiencies in the digital lending space by creating intuitive, easy-to-use, and long-term solutions.
TribeOne integrates important elements of a Centralized Financial System with a Decentralized Financial System to expand the service model and scope of all financial products. DeFi has the power to provide mainstream financial services as well as further decentralized social governance and autonomy. Commercial banks require a certain threshold of low risk and profitability per account to engage in a profitable business relationship.
Unfortunately, most small businesses or borrowers cannot reach such a threshold, causing banks to decline any lending requests required to grow the small business or improve quality of life. TribeOne seeks to disrupt the financial sector in the following ways:

1. Asset digitization

The digitization of certain types of assets will have on-chain confirmations of a series of credit elements related to those assets, such as ownership/asset/ legitimacy, etc.
The most salient feature constitutes smart contracts’ interoperability, which delivers the highest APY by dynamically re-balancing and re-routing digital assets across liquidity pools that maximize yields.

2. Regulatory compliance

If DeFi expands the service scope and category of the service group, compliance will become an important requirement, which will involve considering the needs of relevant assets or service element reviews of relevant users. In addition to a risk control mechanism, DeFi must integrate the verification of service elements in a decentralized manner. Verification of service elements cannot be carried out using a traditional centralized mechanism with centralized storage and manual review. In the case of DeFi-powered finances, the risk control mechanism and service elements require the introduction of two important decentralized mechanisms:
  • User self-sovereign with decentralized collaboration. Since there is no centralized intermediary or review organization in DeFi, all financial services require users to self-manage and authorize their actions. From the protocol point of view, financial service collaboration mechanisms, decentralized financial product, verifiable credentials and data collaboration mechanisms seem to be the appropriate set of Decentralized Financial Service (DFS).
  • Automated service auditing and smart contracts. To achieve an automatic review of service elements without manual intervention, it is necessary to automatically quantify service elements through smart contracts. Therefore, various qualitative service elements must be quantitatively processed, such as integration with a service score system. In addition, many service factors also come from centralized data sources.

3. Ease of Use

Build products that contribute to the DeFi ecosystem to attract the masses from the traditional finance space to maximize returns. The current fragmentation plaguing the DeFi industry through a lack of available user support, the TribeOne Ecosystem serves the purpose of offering a wide range of niche services – ranging from secure and unsecured loans to trust loans and savings products.
This comes in the form of giving people (and machines and devices) seamless access to decentralized financial services by integrating blockchain functionality in DeFi. TribeOne provides high transaction throughput, reduced risk of errors, and intelligent feature development specifically for the fulfillment of Satoshi’s original dream: To create a reliable alternative form of financial services built on top of the blockchain.

4. Community & Decentralization

Create a tightly-knit community within the global blockchain ecosystem. That includes lived values such as mutual supporting, respect for all, material generosity, prioritizing the interests of the community over one’s own, and equal opportunities for all. TribeOne aims to present solutions that are accessible to all and can be equally beneficial for lenders and borrowers. The TribeOne platform shares the values of the Samoan tribes, which is reflective in our product names being derived from Samoan culture.
This includes being a truly decentralized platform; where decision-making must be made and governed by the people and not centralized finance authorities. TribeOne is working towards solving inefficiencies in the digital lending space by creating intuitive, easy to use and long-term solutions.”
TribeOne will create a platform that enables community members to propose loan interest rates through a matching engine, thus eliminating the lending-deposit spread by directly connecting users on a P2P basis. Separately, TribeOne will provide an AI-based rating engine (RAROC – Risk Adjusted Returns On Crypto), providing recommendations based on volatility and past performance. The only criteria considered for the loans will be merit of project and collateral as well as reputation provided by the borrower. Then, the community will decide on funding the proposal or rejecting it.
Stakers are the backbone of the ecosystem and will be compensated by the dividends paid out periodically from the treasury that is based on positive project performance of the communityfunded voting process.

5. Networking & Social Capital

The current credit system is fundamentally flawed. The TribeOne platform corrects this by facilitating a community-voted and approved lending program for borrowers on the blockchain, that is completely based on reputation without the ability to see race, color, or an individual’s background.
TribeOne will leverage social capital, trust networks, and blockchain technology to create a financial system that has aligned interests with everyone. 45% of the world’s population do not have a bank account and the existing financial system has many contradictions built on traditions. Moreover, the average middle income earner cannot find an affordable loan without having a well-paying job and good credit. The un-banked are most affected from this lack of access and misalignment of interests and are always in search of alternative financial solutions.

6. Lending Pools

Another feature that differentiates from the traditional world is decentralized lending pools, where all lenders are provided with a market to deposit their assets into a smart contract.
On the contrary, the borrowers are permitted to take loans from the pools where there is more demand for borrowing and low supply, resulting in higher interest rates. In the form of interest, the profits earned from the loans are equally divided amongst the investors involved in the Lending Pool.