BNB LP Staking Guide

We’re excited to announce the LP staking rewards program on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) powered by Hot Cross. This program will commence on 24th June at -12:00 UTC. $HAKA BNB LP/ $HOTCROSS Single side Token holders will now be able to earn additional $HAKA rewards by staking their tokens in the provided pools by Hotcross.

$HAKA BNB LP Token Rewards Pool

Staking Guide

To stake into the HAKA BNB Token pool, you will need to have the HAKA-BNB Token. For the same, you will need to add liquidity
Step 1: Visit the Pancake swap HAKA BNB Liquidity page: (Please confirm the link)
Step 2: Make sure to have an equivalent amount of HAKA and BNB in your wallet.
To buy HAKA please follow the following link:
To bridge your ERC-20 HAKA to BEP-20 please use your bridge:
To know how to operate the bridge feel free to use our easy-to-understand guide
Step 4: Supply the desired amount of HAKA and BNB into the pool and click “SUPPLY”.
Step 5: Before you can add liquidity, you need to click “Approve”.
Step 6: Once you add liquidity, you will receive Uniswap HAKA-BNB LP tokens in your MetaMask or Binance wallet.
Step 7: Go to the staking pool program page:
Step 8: Input the amount of HAKA BNB LP Tokens you wish to stake and Stake
Step 9: Enjoy and claim rewards!
Your rewards will increment after every addition of the ethereum block (every 20 seconds).
You can Stake/Unstake $HAKA instantly, which means you’ll have full control of your funds!