Token Features

TribeOne has adopted the values of Samoan culture, which focus on family, unity, respect, and working together as a community. In that context, our token $HAKA means war dance that indicates the power of the token for the community.
Our user-centric platform allows its users to lend and borrow a variety of different crypto assets. The TribeOne Token $HAKA will be essential for users who wish to lend or borrow.
$HAKA features are central to our unique selling proposition. Its $HAKA functionality is critical to the success of the TribeOne platform. The interplay of $HAKA use cases is designed to encourage loyalty to TribeOne while simultaneously increasing the distribution and liquidity of the token. The Token usage will be as follows:

Zero- to Low-Collateralized Loans

  • $HAKA will play a key role for anyone looking for a low-collateralized loan. To apply for such a loan, the user only needs to provide 20% of the loan as collateral in $HAKA tokens to access lending options.
  • The LTV is decided on the past performance of loan payments taken through TribeOne

Early Repayment Rewards

  • Any user wanting to settle their low- or zero-collateralized loan early, will be rewarded in $HAKA based on specific tiers designed on early settlement payment options.

Discounts on Collateralized Loans

  • $HAKA tokens can be used to stake in XTO – one of the staking options – which opens access to discounts on the collateralized loan interest.
  • A user with staked $HAKA tokens at the end of the loan term will also be rewarded based on their staking options

Lending Rewards

  • Users who invest in the Tele Yields will have the option to receive the savings in either BTC/ETH or USD. However, if they choose to opt into withdrawing in $HAKA, they will be rewarded in additional $HAKA tokens which have multiple other uses on the platform.

Slot Allocation on NFT Financing

  • Users will have to pay a service fee in $HAKA to be part of the slot allocation on the NFT Pool Investing.
  • Users can select the option of receiving an early payout by paying in $HAKA.
  • In addition, users who opt to go for later spots are rewarded in $HAKA.

Staking Discounts

  • Users will also have the option to stake $HAKA tokens and earn staking rewards.

Token Burn

Another additional feature of $HAKA is that we have a token burn in place, where 10% of the profit earned from every successful transaction is used to buy back/burn tokens, therefore, creating a deflationary ecosystem. The burn will continue till the total supply is reduced to 50% hence more value for money for $HAKA holders. We foresee TribeOne being a bridge between the traditional banking users and the DeFi space so we can bring greater adoption within the crypto ecosystem by providing user-centric financial products.